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Getting Better At Supporting You

We’re always keen to stay ahead of the technology game and find new and improved ways to provide you with the technical support your business needs. Having experienced some unforeseen issues with our ticketing system provider we’ve decided to move on and move up to a better and more efficient ticketing service.

With our old system we had a couple of incidents where it went down unexpectedly and we couldn’t provide the essential support you need. Our support service is an essential element not just to our business but yours to. We needed a reliable ticketing system that we can trust to provide you with constant support and clear reporting of any technical issues you may have.

So, we went to the Service Desk Show to take a good look at what alternatives are available in the market. After investigating various options we’ve decided to switch our ticketing system to Kaseya, a remote management and ticketing provider.

The switch is taking place now . . . over the beginning of September.

How This Will Affect You?

The migration will be done in the background, and the support email will still work, so the chances are you won’t even know it’s happening.

What Are The Benefits to Switching?

Apart from being able to confidently provide you with support when you need it, there are number of great additions to the new system. We will be able to provide extensive reporting of the support activity we carry out for you. Allowing us to pinpoint any technical changes that need to be made to you business’ technology. The system also comes with additional virus and malware scanners to run alongside the cover you already have; making your IT system more secure than ever.

If you have any questions regarding the new ticketing system or how we can help support the technology in your business. 

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call - 020 3301 6920.