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b1Services now supply another top notch security software – Webroot SecureAnywhere.

This software can sit alongside your current security software, or be installed independently with no compatibility issues.

The software is a small client that sits on your PC, using up to 143x less disk space than competitive brands. The definitions are always updated as the software connects to an online database, only sending a very small amount of data across the internet, so they are constantly updated.

Webroot SecureAnywhere will only use a small amount of memory compared to other security software, in fact up to 11x less memory on average. This, along with the low disk usage means that your PC or Laptop will be able to free up more resources for other programs to use.

Scanning time with Webroot SecureAnywhere is dramatically quicker as well, with an average scan time of under 2 minutes, this can dramatically free up your time if you need to run a system scan on your PC or Laptop.

The software is deployed from b1Services and can be ready to scan and protect your PC or Laptop after 5 seconds, due to the quick install time. This means you are up, running and protected quicker.

If you have any questions regarding your security or are interested in switching over to Webroot or adding Webroot SecureAnywhere licences to help protect your business or home devices, get in contact and we can help you through the whole process; sales, installation and any support.