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Private Cloud Provides the Flexibility Our Client Needs


We have a customer, who came to us as they were unhappy with the limitations of their cloud based hosted desktop solution. They couldn’t perform any updates for day to day programs that were in use and were unhappy with the support given to them by the hosting company. Working together we designed a way around this, by deciding to stick with the hosted desktop idea, but design and create a private cloud environment. This is an ideal way of working for them as they are a company with users that are always working from different locations as well as office based staff.

We installed a physical server on site at their location which included a ‘Virtual’ server as part of its functionality. This enables users to login to a virtual remote desktop so that all their work appears as they left it when they last logged out, be it at work in the office or from their remote location. It provided a great solution to the client’s needs. It solved the update issue as one of the users is allowed admin rights to the desktops to allow the programs to be updated correctly as and when required.

Furthermore the desktops are still locked down far enough to prevent security and program issues. The server allows the users to login when they are out of the office and pick up from exactly where they were in the office (or their last connection), from any device with Remote Desktop software (even mobile devices) or an internet connection (laptops and desktop machines). A great alternative to the traditional office based working method and a great solution for our client.

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