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Technical Support

Technical Support for Small Business 

One of our clients has recently upgraded their moveable technology capability. Being a lift engineering based business they have a number of staff on sites every day. Previously their engineers were having to write up site visits and contact reports with clients, by using good old fashioned pen and paper. Then giving this to the team in the office for them to process.

Not an ideal system, long and clunky and open to lots of error, interpreting peoples hand writing and delays when people aren’t able to make it into the office for a few days. Something needed to be changed.

They decided to invest in Windows tablets. As the rest of the technology is windows based they wanted to select the windows tablet offering for continuity and to avoid issues with different formats. Now they can simply type and send their reports straight into the office team, much quicker, and more accurate.

They chose to buy their tablets direct, and gave us the devices to set up. We installed and setup all the applications they required ensuring the devices talked to each other and the Server back at base using VPN. We took them through their new devices and gave them training so they felt confident using the new tools.

It’s a great way to see how strategically thinking about technology can benefit and help create great efficiency savings for your business. If you would like to discuss how technology can support your business speak to our team today.