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Why Not Treat Your Office This Christmas and Be Ahead Of the Curve . . . Our Office Must-Have's For Next Year


‘Tis the season to be jolly. Everyone is out enjoying the Christmas cheer, buying presents for friends and family, even enjoying a cheeky mince pie on the side. Don’t forget about your office this Christmas season! Why not treat your work space to some great pieces of new tech that will ensure your work life in 2016 gets off to a fun and speedy start. Here’s our top five office must have's for Christmas, to set you up for next year.

1. Yoga Tablets

Take a look at Lenovo’s enhanced 8" tablets that adapt to you with four ways to use it – Stand, Tilt, Hold, and Hang. Long battery life, rich audio, and speedy processing make Yoga Tablets perfect for music, games, and the web. Exactly what you need to get your work done on the go. Or for something a little larger, but remaining light and flexible, why not look at the Toshiba Portege Ultrabook.

2. Anti-Virus and Internet Security

Start the New Year knowing all your business data is safe and sound from intruders and prying eyes. We recommend Sophos, Kaspersky and WebRoot anti-virus and security software to give you the security you need.

3. Extended Wireless Coverage with Powerline Adapters

Make full use of your business space next year, by using your powerlines to create a network that’s faster than your Wi-Fi. You can create Wi-Fi hotspots throughout your business office, giving your employees the internet speeds they need to match their workload.

4. MacBook Pro

You’d be surprised at how much the prices have come down on these. Even if you’re a windows lover, integration with Windows Networks isn’t as tough as it used to be.

5. Sphero Star Wars BB8

We guarantee this is on a lot of people’s lists this year. This one is not strictly just for the office. But itisawesome! The Sphero Star Wars BB8 gadget is a working replica of the adorable little droid, fully controllable with your smartphone or tablet that really rolls around exactly as it does in The Force Awakens. Plus, with a built-in camera that sends a live feed to your smartphone, this could be a novel new way of spying on your employees and colleagues . . .

If you would like to find out more about any of these must-have's to kick start your new working year in style, then send us an email, and we can help you bring the new working year in, ahead of the curve.