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Uprooting doesn’t have to be Difficult


As with any business, office based or not, sometimes your company has to up sticks and move to a new location. Depending on your business size this creates varying degrees of a logistical nightmare. Not only have you, painstakingly, taken the time to find the best location for your business. But now you’ve got to work out how to get it there.

In our experience most clients usually spend a lot of their time considering (and rightly so) the physical aspects of the move; tables, chairs, documents and computers. For us though, when you move office locations we’re thinking about your data. How do we transfer this seamlessly over to your new office home? What equipment will you need to get set up and running quickly?

We recently completed a project for two clients who’d shared offices together. But had both outgrown the space they were using. The system that we originally had set up for them worked as a shared system. Neither company had envisaged getting so big! They were moving to two separate locations. So a shared system would have obviously been a nightmare.

As we helped both companies move their tech over to their new locations, it was a nice project to carry out; we divided up the original system, migrated their mail systems, and ensured the links to the server were maintained.

As businesses come to increasingly rely on the digital world to store data, and run business operations. When moving office locations, how to manage and set up the technology your business needs, has to become an increasing priority.

Our experienced teams are on hand to help companies move their IT systems quickly and smoothly to their new locations. We can help prevent data loss and system down time during a move. As well as carry out any system upgrades and improvement that may need to be carried out at the new location. To find out more about how we can help you with your next move, talk to one of our experts today.