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Netflix Phishing Attack 

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There is a new sophisticated Netflix phishing attack you need to watch out for. Consuemrs are receiving an email saying they have had some trouble with your billing information, and that you need to update your payment details. 

Responding to this email could allow the sender to steal your login details, your credit card data, your picture and ultimately, your ID. 

Here are some tips to think about before you click:

- Never click on a login link or an account verification link in an email. If there is one, take it as a warning sign. 

- check for the green HTTPS padlock. If there is a padlock, check the name of the site. Is it exactly as you'd expect? If there's no padlock, don't trust it. 

- Don't ignore telltales such as spelling and grammar errors. 

- Guard your ID closely. If you're asked for a picture of yourself or or other identifying information it isn't absolutely necessary, don't give it. 

Speak to us to help protect your business and users from Phishing attacks with Security Awareness Training.