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There have been some important shifts in the IT world recently. We have given our thoughts on the industry’s most important changes below

Windows 10 ‘Forced’ Updates; Don’t Get Caught Out

If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, then you’ve probably noticed Windows 10 has got pushier about getting you to upgrade. That’s because at the beginning of February Microsoft started rolling out its’ new upgrade offensive.

Those of you who’d previously reserved an upgrade but never received it will notice this first. However, even if you have chosen not to upgrade yet, you will still see far more direct encouragement to take the step.

According to Info World, 'Microsoft has long promised Windows 7 and 8.1 customers they would have a chance to opt out of the Windows 10 upgrade installation. It appears that accepting the EULA for Windows 10 is the only checkpoint -- if you accept the EULA, Windows 10 gets installed on your PC. Since most Windows users are accustomed to accepting EULAs (when's the last time you declined a EULA?), we're in for a flood of new Windows 10 users as systems reboot over the next few months.'

If you are thinking of upgrading to Windows 10 or have upgraded by accident, let us know and we can make sure your computer is set up correctly and you don’t lose any data during the upgrade.

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Is Your Mouse the New Gateway for a Hacker’s Attack?

So, you’ve made sure your computer has anti-virus and your website is protected, but have you thought about your wireless mouse? It has recently been revealed that a number of makes of wireless mouse and keyboards could leave computers vulnerable to attack.

As WIRED highlighted, 'the attack — which affects a broad collection of devices sold by Logitech, Dell, Microsoft, HP, Amazon, Gigabyte and Lenovo — lets an interloper inject mouse movements or keystrokes at a rate of a thousand words per minute from a nearby antenna, even when the target device is designed to encrypt and authenticate its communications with a paired computer.'

However, it is not all doom and gloom. Dell, Logitech, Lenovo, and Microsoft, have combated the problem with a simple firmware update. If you’re concerned that your wireless devices maybe affected then get in contact and we can make sure your computer is kept safe and sound.

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Macs are susceptible to their first ‘Ransomware’ Virus

Gone sadly are the days that you could say ‘viruses don’t work on Macs’, as news of their first ransom virus has spread across the world of technology. The virus itself infects your Mac by tainting a popular programme known as Transmission. After lying dormant for three days it then locks your files and demands a ransom of £280 for you to receive the electronic key to unlock your data.

Virtually untraceable digital currency is most commonly used to pay the ransom such as Bit Coins. Whilst it is one of the first Mac viruses out there, it forms part of the rising incidents of ransomware viruses currently out there.

If you’re worried about your computer security be it Mac or PC then speak to one of our experts today. To find out how we can protect your technology against malware and unwanted security breaches.

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