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What’s New for Small Business Technology:

Technology in this day and age affects everyone and every company big and small. Here at b1Services we endeavour to keep you abreast of all the changes and developments that effect your business and enable you to stay one step ahead. So this is our round up of headlines you might have missed because of Brexit . . .

Microsoft buys LinkedIn

This will give Microsoft a huge edge over CRM -4.64% and other competitors in the collaboration and CRM space and make their products extremely attractive.

Google releases an intelligent search app for businesses.

“Springboard” is described as a sort of digital assistant that “helps employees search through piles of documents in Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Drive, Contacts and other apps. Much like Google Now, it also ‘assists you throughout your workday by proactively providing useful and actionable information and recommendations,’ according to the company.”

YouTube now makes it easier for small businesses to film ads from their phones.

A new suite of “Director” tools launched by the company will make it easier for those of us without production capabilities to shoot and edit video ads that can run on YouTube.

All-In-One PC’s

Easy to deploy, sleek and feature rich. All-in-One PCs offer you everything you need in a neat, user-friendly package. From varying screen sizes to touchscreens the options are now here for you to find the right PC for your environment. Letting you have everything you need in on place.

Tower and Small Form Factor PCs

With more memory and expansion ports than the smaller family members, the Tower and Small Form Factor give you the ultimate experience of flexibility and the ability to upgrade. Future proof your investment with a cool and quiet tower.

Desktop Mini PCs

Mini PCs deliver the highest level of performance in the smallest form factor. Unclutter your desk with this mini powerhouse by simply mounting it onto the back of your Monitor. So no more kicking the PC by accident under the desk.


If you’re thinking about updating your office speak to our team today and work to work out what is the best technology for your business.