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Are you unsure about Windows 10?

Windows 10 2

With an estimated 110 million PCs (including 12million business PCs) updated, Windows 10 has seen a huge uptake. Not least because it’s free, it’s also been a heralded by techie geeks the world over as huge success.

However, for those of you who’ve not upgraded yet or are unsure if it’s the right thing to do (We’ve heard, ‘won’t it become a paid service?’), we’ve summarised why we think the upgrade is worth it.

The last of an era – Or so they say

According to Microsoft’s most recent stance, Windows 10 will be the last major OS upgrade that Microsoft are going to produce. Their idea behind this is they want to see themselves more as a services company in the future. So there’s no point waiting to see what comes next, this (for the time being) is it! Microsoft’s plan is to instead just continue to update the Windows 10 platform. Hence if you’re an SME it’s worth upgrading from your current OS (depending on compatibility), especially as it’s free.

For individual users on Windows 7 or 8, 10 is currently the last planned OS upgrade. It’s worth taking the leap now and giving yourself time to get used to the platform, before the updates become a paid for service.

We use it and we love it

As IT service providers, we love Windows 10 and would always recommend our customer to upgrade to it. ‘We’ve had it for 8 months and to be honest we can’t fault it.’ Says Chris our Head of IT Support. ‘I mean if we’re splitting hairs, the only slight difficulty is it’s harder to change some settings, but most people won’t be looking to change much to be fair.’

Clearing up a rumour

It’s true, Windows 10 won’t always be free. Microsoft has said that the upgrade will be free to get for the first year – until July 29th 2016. Yet we’ve heard some people getting confused over exactly what this means.

Here is our interpretation of what ‘free’ windows 10 means. The upgrade as long as you do it within the first year of its release from qualifying systems will always be free. No subscription charge creeping in later on. However, if you don’t take up the free upgrade within the first year then there will be a charge to get Windows 10. What for us seems to be unclear is exactly what that charge is, but I guess we will all just have wait and see.

Our advice is; whilst you’ve still got time to get your free upgrade, it’s not worth putting it off till it’s too late. Take advantage of the offer and get you upgrade now.

If you’re planning on upgrading your business or home to Windows 10 let us know and we can help ensure the upgrade is hiccup free.