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Word Found Vulnerable: But Don't Worry It's Been Fixed


It was announced at the beginning of April that a vulnerability in Microsoft Word, which had previously been undetected, has been targeted by scammers.

Cyber-security firm Proofpoint announced it had discovered an email campaign targeting the bug that aimed to distribute malware. The malware in question is designed to infect computers and snoop on banking logins.

It was considered in 2015 as the means by which £20 million was stolen from UK bank accounts.

This vulnerability has been found in many versions of the Microsoft Word program and could allow malicious elements to be installed on your computer. Although it hasn’t been made clear as to whether or not Mac versions of Word have been effected.

There has been an update released which now fixes this problem, and came out on 11th April. If you have not updated your programmes since then please ensure you carry out both your security and programme updates quickly.

If you have any questions regarding Microsoft Word or want to find out more about adding further security to your computer, speak to one of our team today.